How It Works

Hittinguru Pro for Coaches


  • - Choose each player’s profile to save their swings for further analysis and uploading to our Academy.
  • - Choose from multiple automatic capture modes, indoors or in the shade outdoors. Choose manual capture for non-standard settings.
  • - Wireless and sensor-less. No sensor, no marker, no special equipment needed except the single Microsoft Kinect 2.0 camera and your laptop.
  • - Capture swings with or without a bat, with or without hitting a ball from a tee, soft toss or thrown by a pitcher or batting machine.
  • - Teach and train players almost anywhere you want.


  • - Automatic swing capture and automatic instant replay dramatically speeds the process of learning and training for the player
  • - Real-time full body swing analysis in 2D and/or 3D. Both manual and automated tools.
  • - Hittinguru’s balance tracking system helps the player and you visualize the invisible forces leading to an efficient and powerful swing.
  • - Key body angles and metrics are viewable by rotating the player’s swing up to 270º, including a “birds eye view” from above.
  • - Multiple views and manual or automated drawing tools enable you to focus on every detail without the drudgery of hand-drawing each and every time you want to emphasize something.
  • - Swing data table automatically captures key metrics at each critical stage of the swing and provides easy access from the swing timeline.


  • - Show your player’s where their swing faults are and what is causing them using multiple automated visual tools and metrics.
  • - Players can now both see and feel their swing at the same time, enabling them to react to your coaching much faster and easier because we learn 90% of what we can experience.
  • - Use our intuitive, visual and easy to use interactive dashboard to improve your players’ game much faster and more effectively.
  • - Record a voice-over for a selected player’s swing and upload it for access after practice.
  • - Automatically analyze 1 swing or 100 without getting bogged down in the process.


  • - Automatically save each swing to your player’s profile in your laptop’s Hittinguru library.
  • - Select the swings you want to upload to the Guru Academy so they can be accessible online from a remote computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • - Coaches and players can then access selected swings on a private Hittinguru webpage.
  • - Track your players’ progress over time.

My Hittinguru for Players


  • - Swing as usual. Focus on your swing only.
  • - Indoors or in the shade outdoors.
  • - With or without a bat, with or without hitting a ball. Tee, soft-toss or pitched ball.
  • - Wireless and markerless. No sensor, no marker, no special equipment needed except a single Microsoft Kinect 2.0 camera and a laptop.
  • - Use it at home, at the ballpark, or in your favorite indoor or outdoor facility.


  • - Automatic swing capture and automatic replay.
  • - Real-time full body 2D + 3D swing analysis and comparison.
  • - Instantaneous bio-feedback with automated visual helpers at key positions.
  • See and feel where your center of mass or balance is throughout your swing.


  • - Get your swing metrics automatically. Easily understand how to improve your swing through immediate visual feedback.
  • - Understand your mistakes through explanation videos (only My Hittinguru).
  • - Correct and improve your swing through tips and drills from your coach.
  • - Intuitive, visual and interactive user interface to improve your game alone or with your coach.


  • - Every swing is saved in the Hittinguru library on your laptop.
  • - Select the swings you want to upload to be accessible online.
  • - Access your selected swings on a dedicated Hittinguru webpage.
  • - Share your swings with your friends or your coach.

Access Your Swings From All Devices


What you need

Real-time swing data is derived from instantaneous motion capture and measurements to give the baseball or softball player instantaneous complete feedback over every swing. Posture, alignment, hips and shoulders rotations, body moves, balance and weight transfer are all factors we track; and each of these elements is precisely analyzed by the Hittinguru system. Hittinguru enables accurate position data from all swings to be recorded to the players personal profile. Data from multiple sessions can be compared. Swings are recorded for ongoing analysis and improvement.

Reviews provide the player all of the information needed, including a full swing diagnostic but also swing comparison to some of the best players. The Visual-Feedback system can precisely pinpoint your weaknesses and strengths. In terms of swing technique improvement and feedback, it may actually be better than practicing outside focusing on your ball flight.

Among the multitude of options: players can set up their individual account and track their improvements over time from their training sessions, the system stores all the results to show progress per day, week, month, … ; the player can also replay and review his or her swing videos whenever he or she wants to and access related customized content. As for the technology involved, Hittinguru specifically designed software uses advanced wireless and markerless 3D motion capture technology to automatically record the action from 1 or 100 swings. Capture, replay, analyze your motion, balance and weight transfer while rotating your swing up to 270º and even overhead with our “birds eye view”. Hittinguru’s infrared tracking system operates through a single 2D + 3D Microsoft Kinect 2.0 depth-sensing camera plugged via USB port to a Windows enabled (PC or Mac) computer.

If you want more information about the motion capture technology sector, please download the “White Paper on motion capture”. Click here to download.

*** It is also possible to use Hittinguru software on a MacBook or i-Mac. Click here to learn how to proceed.


Your PC Must Meet the Following Technical Requirements in Order to Get the Best Results from Hittinguru Pro.

Operating System Windows 10, Windows 8 (64 bit), Windows 8.1 (64 bit), Windows Embedded Standard (64 bit) or Windows Embedded Standard 10 or 8.1. (64 bit)
Processor Intel® Core™ i7-4765T Quad-Core processor (8M Cache, up to 3.0 GHz) and above (64 bit). Use www.cpuboss.com to compare your CPU to this processor or CPU.
Memory 8GB-16 GB RAM (may be needed for future High Speed Camera support)
Graphic Card NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 750 Ti (2GB GDDR5), or equivalent or better Video Card or GPU. Go to www.gpuboss.com to compare your graphics card to this cardClick to see if your graphic card has at least 1500 points here. Use ‘Ctrl’ + ‘F’ keys to locate it on the page.
USB Port USB 3.0
Hard Disk Drive At least 500 GB [Each saved swing takes about .3GB with all data before uploaded to the Academy or deleted]

3D Camera: Hittinguru with Kinect for Xbox One + Kinect for Windows Adapter

general setup instructions


  • - Just aim the camera level with the ground (0° tilt) about 95cm (3ft) above the ground and have the batter stand about 2,2 meters (7 ft) away from the camera. Adjust as needed.
  • - Just use the 3D view (no 2D) for best performance. The objective is to get the hitter within the blue frame on the 3D view of the camera – and then to get it to turn yellow which means it’s ready to record. To learn more visit our FAQ or download our user guide.



  • - When using outdoors, just avoid direct sunlight on the front of the player’s body or into the camera lens.
  • - Remove unnecessary furniture like tables, chairs…avoid having other players or spectators in the field of vision of the camera as it can pick up multiple people and will confuse the system.


  • - With good lighting, you should have no problem capturing swings using the variety of swing capture modes the software offers.
  • - If indoor lighting is poor, or your outdoor location is in the direct sunlight, use the manual capture mode to ensure your swing capture.



  • - Some dark or black clothing and specific textiles (technical garments) that absorb light may interfere with the 3D analysis. Favor clothes with light and vivid colors.
  • - Manual capture mode can be used as a fail-safe to make sure you capture and analyze your swings.

Batting Cage Setup & Accessories


Players love to see and interact with Hittinguru because it’s all about their swing!

Their full body motion, their 3D image that can be rotated up to 270 degrees, and their individual swing metrics captured automatically swing after swing for instant replay and progress tracking in our Hittinguru online academy.

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