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Coach Gary Ward Chairs Hittinguru Advisory Board

Coach Gary Ward, College and ABCA Hall of Famer, recently announced that he was joining 3D Sports Partners, Inc, exclusive global distributors and collaborative creators of Hittinguru, as a board member, as well as chairing the equally important Advisory Board; to which he will seek to bring several industry notables to help advise 3D Sports Partners on how to help the maximum bumber of coaches, academy owners, teams, parents and players of both baseball and softball around the world realize their dream to play ball.

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Haloa Dudoit Testimonial

“I think it will truly help my swing and help other people’s swings. It was pretty cool to see my swing from different angles…actually know the numbers for my swing…now I know what to work on when I practice…and not just go through the motions and just listen to what somebody says…now I can actually see how I need to work on my swing.”

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Coach Sean Larimer Testimonial

I believe its a huge asset to coaches and also allows them both to evaluate weight distribution…swing path…a lot of different avenues of the swing that no one else has really done….coaches at all levels will be able to evaluate players in a new way that they’ve never been able to do…break it down…the mechanics involved in the program are bar none the best mechanics you can come up with and allow you to develop your players faster.

Coach Sean Larimer, Assistant Coach, Southern Nevada CC

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Coach Rob Vance Testimonial

Coach Rob Vance discusses the advantages he sees to training with Hittinguru Pro 3D
“This software gives me a chance to have my guys work on their own…I can give feedback to them and they can get it back to me… Technology is a huge part of everything we do in sports today. Kids love it, want it… it’s going to be an extremely valuable tool for guys to learn how to hit.”
Rob Vance, Head Coach – Concordia University – NAIA

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Coach Dave Tucker Testimonial

Coach Dave Tucker, Lightning Baseball Academy, Colorado, reveals the value he sees in the Hittinguru Pro 3D training solution.

“I love the fact that it shows the hitter things we can’t show on video, The angles, the weight transfer, the stride, where the hands positioning are. Things we just mechanically can’t see in video…I think its just a great tool to allow the hitter to take that next step in their progression to development.”

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Hittinguru Pro in 45 seconds

View the power of seeing the unseen with Hittinguru Pro in just 45 seconds.

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Hittinguru Pro Demonstration

Watch this 6 minute video demonstrating the power of Hittinguru Pro!

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Coach Lloyd Acosta Testimonial

Coach Lloyd Acosta talks about the benefits and value of Hittinguru 3D.
“I think the value for us is that our players will be able to see their weight distribution and the different angles immediately after each and every swing…For them it will be a visual tool that we can use on a daily basis.”

Lloyd Acosta Assistant Coach – UC Davis – D1

Hittinguru Launches at ABCA 2015

The Hittinguru team will be launching our exciting new markerless full body motion capture baseball and softball swing analysis solution at the annual ABCA (American Baseball Coaches Association) convention January 2-4 2015 in Orlando Fla. We’ll be located in Booth #1508. Come see a live demonstration.


The Guru Control Station


Many of the coaches and baseball and softball academy owners have asked us about the perfect way to set up and use Hittinguru. We searched high and low and found the perfect, durable and low cost solution including the mobile TV and laptop/desktop stand, flat panel LED TV (recommend 40″ to 70″ screens) and even laptops and cables. They’re all available in our Store in the Set up Accessories section of our Get Started Page.