About Us
Creators of digital sports learning and teaching experiences


We envision a future where anyone can learn a sport in a shorter amount of time and enjoy training advised by the best coaches and trainers in the world. 3D Sports Partners, Inc. and Guru Training Systems, creator of Swinguru and Hittinguru, together will add a new dimension to sports training. A world in which teaching and coaching, learning, training and progress in a sport will be simplified and improved through our technology.


Our mission is to develop and design the most innovative, intuitive and interactive teaching and learning sports solutions to unleash the potential of everyone to realize their best potential by gaining access to a new dimension. At 3D Sports Partners, Inc. we want to connect with sports amateurs and professionals around the globe to enhance their teaching and learning experience so they can train faster. smarter. easier and more effectively.

Our Company

Guru Training Systems is a leading and innovative software and media company that specializes in digital teaching and learning sports solutions through state of the art 3D gesture recognition and augmented reality technology. Headquartered in Belgium, Guru Training Systems develops and designs the Hittinguru product line, the ultimate 3D golf swing analysis system for rapid game improvement. Hittinguru’s products are designed to be easy to use, intuitive, accurate and more interactive than any teaching and learning solution on the market. Hittinguru ambitions to interconnect both sports amateurs and professionals through its digital academy, providing them with a unique interactive teaching and learning experience.